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The Margarita by Anino Lokal dual parallel 18650 battery unregulated mechanical box mod toronto ON wii vape vape shop gta canada

The Margarita by Anino Lokal Philippines

  • $189.99

The Margarita by Anino Lokal is an ultra compact, affordable, and hard hitting dual parallel 18650 battery unregulated mechanical box mod, featuring a top firing switch design, silver plated copper contacts, and a screw-in battery cover design for reduced voltage drop and harder hits! Polished brass top and bottom plates cap the anodized aluminum body, ensuring maximum power output for those cloud chasing builds.

Easily removable for maintenance, the top and bottom brass plates are held in place by magnets, and lock in once batteries are inserted with the negative battery screws secured.

A top firing Delrin switch does not get hot, and yields a small, compact, and comfortable design.

510 center pin is manually adjustable via a flat head screw for a solid connection.

Available in black, orange, pink, and red.

WARNING: This device is an unregulated mechanical device that is recommended FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY. Use at your own risk. Users of mechanical devices must be aware of battery safety and ohms law in order to prevent risk and harm to the device, to person or to property. Be aware, that mechanical mods such as this one do not have any short circuit protection and lack any firing button locks. Pay attention to the position of the firing button at all times when batteries are inserted, and always ensure that batteries are inserted with BOTH positive ends facing inward for parallel mechanical mods such as this.

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